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JSON use developer notes

The time in the updatetimestamp is not accurate: instead, it is derived from the current game update...
if I remember to increment it on the day of an update.
This timestamp should ONLY be used to check if your current set of data is outdated.

In car data, "maxestimatedays" is obsolete and will always match "estimatedays".
Do not use it.

An "estimatedays" of -2 means the car has been forced into the dealership by Polyphony, usually as a "hot" car.

All data in "dailyrace" is placeholder as it is no longer provided due to an inability to keep it up to date.
Do not use it.

Car IDs can be found at
To get an automatically updating version, download from "".

All other data folder files can also be gotten from the website: check to find the filename, then replace "gt7info/_data/" with "" to get an updating download link.
Data folder update rates:
cars.csv / country.csv / engineswaps.csv / maker.csv is updated as soon as possible.
trophy.csv is unchanging data.
cargrp.csv / course.csv / crsbase.csv / lotterycars.csv / stockperf.csv relies on game data + significant manual effort and therefore will update much slower.
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